Jane Doe Down — Latest Mystery Now also in paperback

After a Navajo woman is hit by a train in Flagstaff, Arizona, moments after being fatally stabbed, the local police hide the body and stonewall the woman’s mother but she tells Chet Franklin, an ATF Regional Supervisor about it and he sends Troy Barclay and Amber Neilson to investigate. They quickly develop two suspects but in the background lurks a shadowy crime boss known as Chindi, who may have ordered the hit because the woman and her boyfriend stole a shipment of cocaine from him.

As Troy and Amber tear their way through the dark places where only criminals dare go, they sniff out the cold trail of $3 million that was never recovered from a casino heist. With criminals flocking to Flagstaff to grab the loot and Chindi’s gang after it and the stolen cocaine, Troy and Amber risk everything to stop the violence and killing that have rocked the town. In a catacylismic firefight, it all comes down to Troy and Amber’s willingness to stand in the line of fire and not back DOWN!

Invisible Man Down — First mystery for Troy and Amber

Invisible Man Down pits master killer, the Invisible Man, against Troy and Amber in a double murder mystery that starts with an ‘impossible murder”. A mob witness who is to testify the next morning is electrocuted when a gopher chews through the house ground wire while the witness is in the shower. The New York Police homicide detective who catches the case thinks it is a hit but who is going to believe it is–except for Troy and Amber.


Puppet Master Down — Book 9


Puppet Master Down, Book Nine, in the Troy Barclay/Amber Neilson Thriller Series is now available at Amazon/Kindle. It is the sequel to Sleeper Down and finishes the story that began in Sleeper Down. It is one long chase, from the border of Finnland to Moscow with intrigue and action around every page.

SLEEPER DOWN Book 8 At Amazon


When Russia’s military intelligence service, the GRU, discovers there is a CIA spy in their High Command, who is supplying the CIA with eighty percent of its Russian intelligence, they use every trick of the spycraft trade to flush him out but their investigation tips off the mole that they are after him and he has to get out of Russia or die. Knowing the mole is in imminent danger of being caught, the CIA tries three snatch and run operations to extract him but all fail.

With the mole’s capture an almost certainty, the CIA Director tries a desperate plan conceived by ATF agents Troy Barclay and Amber Neilson that pits them and their team against the entire Russian intelligence community in a win or die game of deception, intrigue, seduction and betrayal, that leaves a top GRU deputy dead; shot for being the mole, and the American team fighting its way out of Russia.


Hi, all,
It has been a busy year and with the publication of Flagship Down, Book six in the
Troy Barclay/Amber Neilson thriller series. The good news is that the following book,
Book seven, is close to being finished and should be out in early September. If you
need to talk to Alley Cat Press for any reason, the email address is in Flag Ship Down.
It can’t be put on this site because of hackers who then spam it on the unsuspecting

We have been actively supporting the NavySEALsFund.org and they have now put their
financials on their site. You should note that as explained before, they use 99%
of their donations on people and programs and only 1% on admin costs. You can’t
beat that for effective utilization of funds and responsibility to their donors.

Book sales have been slower this last couple of months but we have still donated
around $4,305 to the NavySEALsFund.org. We suggest you do, too and support our
SEALs and former SEALs who have given so much for this country.

The next book is fun and exciting and we look forward to putting it on
Amazon/Kindle soon.

Sometimes Your Donation Helps a Smaller Non-Profit

Hello, Everyone.
As you can read in the blog, I have been donating to the Semper Fi Fund
for Wounded Marines, but thought I would check out a different non-profit
to donate to so I checked out a few and found the NavySEALsFund.org It
is a smaller organization but all of the officers and staff are volunteers
and currently, they spend 99% of their donated income on their help
projects and only 1% on administration costs. That is truly a responsible
use of their money.

They are currently unlisted on the Charity Navigator
but are working hard to make it happen this year. It is just a matter
of filing some paperwork and they will be listed. I talked to their CEO
and she filled me in on some of the things they do. If you want to get
as good a bang for your donation as you possibly can, please consider
NavySEALsFund.org. Since the first of the year we have donated $2,342 to
the Fund and will donate again at the end of March.

Their donations are currently less than $100,000 per year so every dollar
you donate is a blessing to them. Our wounded and needy soldiers deserve
our support and this is a fund that makes every penny count.

Why Support Our Troops?

It is a good question with a fabulous answer.
Because they are the price of our freedom. If they weren’t out there in the dark, with weapons at ready, we would have to be. The whole World is a safer and better place because of our soldiers. But the current administration, while openly glad-handing and praising the military, has cut benefits and betrayed them every step of the way. An article recently indicated that over 1,000,000 former and current soldiers need public assistance of some type. This is abhorrently wrong. When we have troops putting their lives on the line for us 24/7, we owe them the best of things, not the worst of things. No current or former soldier, or their families should ever have to worry about health care, having enough money to survive, or having to take second and third jobs to make ends meet. They are currently being treated disgracefully and even their voting rights have been put in jeopardy. So, it is with glad heart that I made out checks to the Semper Fi Wounded Marine Fund for a total of $2,189 for the 4th Quarter of 2013.
It is easy to give lip service to caring for our soldiers but it is now time to step up and take responsibility for their financial future. I would personally like to thank Bob Parsons for doubling the donations to the Semper Fi Fund last year. Bob is a true patriot who puts his money where his mouth is. So, please join with me in taking care of our military and soldiers. Vote with the men who support the military and you can’t go wrong.

$376 to the Semper Fi Fund Big News Below

Until 12/31/13, Bob Parsons of GODADDY will double any donations made to the Semper Fi Fund
GoDaddy and The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation Announce Campaign to Match Up to $1 Million
for Semper Fi Fund to Help Injured Service Members!
The Semper Fi Fund’s website is http://semperfifund.org Have a look.
So, every dollar we donate is worth two times its nominal value so give big before the
end of the year. Our Servicemen have given big and now it’s our turn. God Bless America.