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Early one morning, seven men in masks break into the Vatican’s legendary art vault and steal $1.5 billion in paintings. They also take stacks of secret documents that show the Vatican cooperated with the Nazi’s during World War II and helped the Nazi’s sell stolen Jewish artwork to keep Hitler from destroying the Catholic Church in Europe.
Even though the Vatican tries to keep the theft a secret, word leaks out, and the President and First Lady of the United States, who are devout Catholics, find out and are deeply concerned about the potential harm the documents could do to the Catholic Church. Although they can’t take official action, they ask Troy Barclay and Amber Neilson to join the Vatican Investigations team that is investigating the theft.
Troy and Amber are scouring the Vatican vault for clues when word come from London that the London Police had recovered three Raphael paintings but the officers transporting them were attacked, their car wrecked, and the paintings stolen.
Troy and Amber go to London where they work with London detectives to track down the thieves who stole the paintings from the police. As they are checking out the wrecked police car, Troy notices that they are being watched by a surveillance team. As he studies the surveillance, he realizes that EVERYONE around them is on the surveillance team. Troy had seen a ‘swarm’ surveillance before in Moscow where the GRU used it against CIA agents.
With the help of a genius IT guy named ‘Zippy’, they identify the company behind the surveillance and raid its London headquarters. While interrogating the CEO of the company, they learn the name of the client who hired the private security company. Gage Mammot. Through hard police work, Troy and Amber discover that Gage Mammot is a criminal they have crossed paths with before—in New York. Gage Mammot is the Invisible Man and as Troy and Amber close on him, and he is forced on the run, he vows to kill the ATF duo.
With hit men and killers around every turn, Troy and Amber must fight constantly to stay alive while trying to arrest the Invisible Man, but they closer they get, the more hit men and killers he sends after the duo.
Troy and Amber get a break when a retired French policeman learns that the Invisible Man will be selling the stolen paintings to unscrupulous buyers at a gala costumed auction on an island north of Palermo, Italy.
The ATF twosome decides to go to the auction and call in the Italian Federal Police SWAT team if the Invisible Man is at the auction.
Troy and Amber call in Devon and Oksana to help them by creating a diversion on the island. Once Troy and Amber spot the Invisible Man, dozens of his men attack them and the Federal Police SWAT team and in a cataclysmic firefight, force the Invisible Man to flee on his yacht while Troy runs to the highest point on the island with a fifty caliber sniper rifle.

I am writing Book Four

While I was writing Book Four, which is set in Mexico, events in the country overtook the story and reality became much harsher and larger than fiction so I postponed the book until things calm down in Mexico.

Book Four is underway. Hope to be done end of October, 2016.

Super Max Down Book 14 Available from Amazon/Kindle


“Supermax prisons are built to keep prisoners in, not to keep a Delta Team out.”

On Christmas Eve, at the Crescent City Supermax Prison, heavily-armed mercenaries attack the prison in two Bradley Fighting Vehicles. After disabling the prison’s radio and telephone communications systems, the mercenaries use rockets and machine guns to shoot their way into the Supermax module where they release a cold-blooded killer named Hux Marsh.

Driving away, they are met by local National Guardsmen in an Abrams tank who destroy one of the Bradleys but Hux and seven mercenaries escape into the Siskiyou Wilderness and disappear into a mammoth blizzard that paralyzes the entire northwest.

In Phoenix, Arizona, the SAC of the Phoenix FBI Office meets with Troy Barclay and Amber Neilson because Troy was the military investigator who put Hux Marsh away. They want Troy to work his magic again. Troy and Amber decline to be involved but then duty calls and they agree to go to Crescent City and help catch Hux.

As the monster snow storm dumps deep snow over the area, Troy and Amber set off on snow shoes to catch Hux. In a chase fraught with danger, the couple plays cat and mouse with the ruthless mercenaries who leave a trail of dead and wounded victims behind them.

In a spectacular Category 5 finale’, Troy and Amber come face to face with Hux and the mercenaries who have intercepted a twenty-ton shipment of heroin they had hidden in a military convoy carrying scrap steel. Out-manned and out-gunned by the mercenaries, Troy and Amber improvise an IED that takes out the tank the mercenaries are using to escort the heroin to a secret destination.

With the manhunt closing around him, Hux takes to the wilderness with Troy on his trail. Hux is desperate to stop Troy and sets up a brilliant ambush to kill him. As Troy closes on Hux, the stone-cold killer leaps out of his hiding place and aims his machine gun at Troy’s back

Armored Car Down Book 13 Available at Amazon/Kindle


On a warm November night west of Phoenix, Arizona, a thirty-two ton armored truck loaded with eight tons of gold bound for Fort Knox, Kentucky, and accompanied by four armored SUV’s filled with armed guards, climbs an isolated on-ramp onto the eastbound Interstate 10, and with the SUV’s in front and in back of it, vanishes without a trace.

The FBI floods the freeway with agents and walk every square inch of the roadway but all they find are old tires, junk and blowing paper. After eight hours of fruitless investigation, the FBI decides to bring in more manpower and asks the ATF and Homeland Security to provide men to assist in the investigation.

Troy Barclay and Amber Neilson drive to the crime scene where they quickly discover that a construction company doing work along the freeway may be involved in the armored truck’s disappearance but the lead FBI investigator thinks it is a waste of time and dismisses their theory. Troy and Amber keep digging and find the company ordered 160 yards of concrete more than they needed for the job. On a Troy hunch, Troy and Amber find the armored truck but the gold is gone.

While the FBI scours the armored truck for clues, Amber and Troy fly to Los Angeles because they believe the robbers are going to try to take the gold out of the United States on a ship. They mobilize a huge task force of lawmen to search the outbound ships out of Los Angeles Harbor but by accident, discover the robbers are bound for San Francisco. For Troy and Amber it is humbling to realize they are being outsmarted and outplayed by the mastermind who planned and carried out the gold robbery. Much as Troy hates to admit it, they are two steps behind the cagey heist crew.

Meanwhile, the New York crime family that financed the heist decides they want ALL of the gold and not the share they agreed to. While Troy and Amber play catchup, the mobsters find the heist crew and attack them. In a deadly shootout, several mobsters are killed and the robbers have to go into hiding.

With $250 million dollars at stake, and ruthless mobsters combing San Francisco for the heist team, Troy and Amber realize they have to step up their game or the gold will be lost and innocent people will die. In a series of firefights and ambushes, the heist team plays cat and mouse with the mobsters and sneaks away from San Francisco in an 1800’s sailing ship. In a cataclysmic finale’, Troy and Amber, the FBI, the mobsters and the heist crew battle it out to see who will win the gold.

TRAMP DOWN Book 12 Available at Amazon/Kindle

CDtestCOV05tramp copyWhen a white, gorgeous New York woman arrives on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation to study the Apache culture for her PhD and wears short skirts and tube tops to interview Apache men, FBI agent Hutch Burrows warns her she is playing a dangerous game that gets even more dangerous when she starts an affair with a married unstable bull rider. After two Apaches are killed going home from a moonshine party and an elusive crime boss named ‘Chindi’ begins flooding the Reservation with cocaine and cheap moonshine, Hutch calls in Troy Barclay to help him find out who the new player is and to stop him. He and Troy quickly find a gigantic still and during a raid on it, discover it is only one of four similar stills that are hidden somewhere on the Reservation. Troy and Hutch also find four dead cows that were apparently killed for no reason but somehow figure in to the cocaine trafficking.

Not content to stay with the bull rider, the woman student flirts with other men and after a night of heavy drinking, plays the bull rider and another man into a knife fight that ends with the bull rider in the E. R. with a life-threatening stab wound. Meanwhile, Hutch and Troy locate and raid another huge still and begin searching for the rest. With his criminal empire crumbling because of Troy and Hutch, Chindi orders several teams of hitmen to go after the two lawmen. After a teenage boy in the hospital for a cocaine overdose identifies his dealer, Troy and Hutch confront the man who identifies Chindi as the crime boss behind the cocaine and moonshine.

With hitman prowling the Reservation looking for Hutch and Troy, cocaine dealers selling to high school kids, and the PhD student playing the slut card, it is only a matter of time until the whole Reservation explodes and death will stalk the land. Continue reading

Jane Doe Down — Latest Mystery Now also in paperback

After a Navajo woman is hit by a train in Flagstaff, Arizona, moments after being fatally stabbed, the local police hide the body and stonewall the woman’s mother but she tells Chet Franklin, an ATF Regional Supervisor about it and he sends Troy Barclay and Amber Neilson to investigate. They quickly develop two suspects but in the background lurks a shadowy crime boss known as Chindi, who may have ordered the hit because the woman and her boyfriend stole a shipment of cocaine from him.

As Troy and Amber tear their way through the dark places where only criminals dare go, they sniff out the cold trail of $3 million that was never recovered from a casino heist. With criminals flocking to Flagstaff to grab the loot and Chindi’s gang after it and the stolen cocaine, Troy and Amber risk everything to stop the violence and killing that have rocked the town. In a catacylismic firefight, it all comes down to Troy and Amber’s willingness to stand in the line of fire and not back DOWN!

Invisible Man Down — First mystery for Troy and Amber

Invisible Man Down pits master killer, the Invisible Man, against Troy and Amber in a double murder mystery that starts with an ‘impossible murder”. A mob witness who is to testify the next morning is electrocuted when a gopher chews through the house ground wire while the witness is in the shower. The New York Police homicide detective who catches the case thinks it is a hit but who is going to believe it is–except for Troy and Amber.


Puppet Master Down — Book 9


Puppet Master Down, Book Nine, in the Troy Barclay/Amber Neilson Thriller Series is now available at Amazon/Kindle. It is the sequel to Sleeper Down and finishes the story that began in Sleeper Down. It is one long chase, from the border of Finnland to Moscow with intrigue and action around every page.

SLEEPER DOWN Book 8 At Amazon


When Russia’s military intelligence service, the GRU, discovers there is a CIA spy in their High Command, who is supplying the CIA with eighty percent of its Russian intelligence, they use every trick of the spycraft trade to flush him out but their investigation tips off the mole that they are after him and he has to get out of Russia or die. Knowing the mole is in imminent danger of being caught, the CIA tries three snatch and run operations to extract him but all fail.

With the mole’s capture an almost certainty, the CIA Director tries a desperate plan conceived by ATF agents Troy Barclay and Amber Neilson that pits them and their team against the entire Russian intelligence community in a win or die game of deception, intrigue, seduction and betrayal, that leaves a top GRU deputy dead; shot for being the mole, and the American team fighting its way out of Russia.


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