President Down is now on sale on this site or on Amazon/Kindle.

The much anticipated sequel to First Lady Down, starring Troy Barclay and Amber Neilson was published on Amazon-Kindle on July 29, 2013. Once again we follow Troy and Amber on the tough streets of Phoenix, Los Angeles and New York as they pursue a deadly and prolific serial killer who has killed dozens of women who knew the President of the United States. As if that isn’t enough, they find themselves front and center in a duel between a ruthless assassin who has the President in his sights. As usual, Troy saves the President on two straight days from the assassin who is not deterred by the Secret Service. The assassin will stop at nothing to kill the President, including attacking the Presidential motorcade with a 65-ton Abrams Tank. As Troy and Amber close in on the serial killer, he turns his sights on them and they become the hunted. And just when you think you know how it is going to end, there is a surprise finale’ that will leave you shocked to the core. So, buy a copy of President Down and enjoy. HOSTAGE DOWN, the third book in the Troy Barclay/Amber Neilson series is also available on this site.