Sometimes Your Donation Helps a Smaller Non-Profit

Hello, Everyone.
As you can read in the blog, I have been donating to the Semper Fi Fund
for Wounded Marines, but thought I would check out a different non-profit
to donate to so I checked out a few and found the It
is a smaller organization but all of the officers and staff are volunteers
and currently, they spend 99% of their donated income on their help
projects and only 1% on administration costs. That is truly a responsible
use of their money.

They are currently unlisted on the Charity Navigator
but are working hard to make it happen this year. It is just a matter
of filing some paperwork and they will be listed. I talked to their CEO
and she filled me in on some of the things they do. If you want to get
as good a bang for your donation as you possibly can, please consider Since the first of the year we have donated $2,342 to
the Fund and will donate again at the end of March.

Their donations are currently less than $100,000 per year so every dollar
you donate is a blessing to them. Our wounded and needy soldiers deserve
our support and this is a fund that makes every penny count.