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When Russia’s military intelligence service, the GRU, discovers there is a CIA spy in their High Command, who is supplying the CIA with eighty percent of its Russian intelligence, they use every trick of the spycraft trade to flush him out but their investigation tips off the mole that they are after him and he has to get out of Russia or die. Knowing the mole is in imminent danger of being caught, the CIA tries three snatch and run operations to extract him but all fail.

With the mole’s capture an almost certainty, the CIA Director tries a desperate plan conceived by ATF agents Troy Barclay and Amber Neilson that pits them and their team against the entire Russian intelligence community in a win or die game of deception, intrigue, seduction and betrayal, that leaves a top GRU deputy dead; shot for being the mole, and the American team fighting its way out of Russia.