Jane Doe Down — Latest Mystery Now also in paperback

After a Navajo woman is hit by a train in Flagstaff, Arizona, moments after being fatally stabbed, the local police hide the body and stonewall the woman’s mother but she tells Chet Franklin, an ATF Regional Supervisor about it and he sends Troy Barclay and Amber Neilson to investigate. They quickly develop two suspects but in the background lurks a shadowy crime boss known as Chindi, who may have ordered the hit because the woman and her boyfriend stole a shipment of cocaine from him.

As Troy and Amber tear their way through the dark places where only criminals dare go, they sniff out the cold trail of $3 million that was never recovered from a casino heist. With criminals flocking to Flagstaff to grab the loot and Chindi’s gang after it and the stolen cocaine, Troy and Amber risk everything to stop the violence and killing that have rocked the town. In a catacylismic firefight, it all comes down to Troy and Amber’s willingness to stand in the line of fire and not back DOWN!