TRAMP DOWN Book 12 Available at Amazon/Kindle

CDtestCOV05tramp copyWhen a white, gorgeous New York woman arrives on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation to study the Apache culture for her PhD and wears short skirts and tube tops to interview Apache men, FBI agent Hutch Burrows warns her she is playing a dangerous game that gets even more dangerous when she starts an affair with a married unstable bull rider. After two Apaches are killed going home from a moonshine party and an elusive crime boss named ‘Chindi’ begins flooding the Reservation with cocaine and cheap moonshine, Hutch calls in Troy Barclay to help him find out who the new player is and to stop him. He and Troy quickly find a gigantic still and during a raid on it, discover it is only one of four similar stills that are hidden somewhere on the Reservation. Troy and Hutch also find four dead cows that were apparently killed for no reason but somehow figure in to the cocaine trafficking.

Not content to stay with the bull rider, the woman student flirts with other men and after a night of heavy drinking, plays the bull rider and another man into a knife fight that ends with the bull rider in the E. R. with a life-threatening stab wound. Meanwhile, Hutch and Troy locate and raid another huge still and begin searching for the rest. With his criminal empire crumbling because of Troy and Hutch, Chindi orders several teams of hitmen to go after the two lawmen. After a teenage boy in the hospital for a cocaine overdose identifies his dealer, Troy and Hutch confront the man who identifies Chindi as the crime boss behind the cocaine and moonshine.

With hitman prowling the Reservation looking for Hutch and Troy, cocaine dealers selling to high school kids, and the PhD student playing the slut card, it is only a matter of time until the whole Reservation explodes and death will stalk the land.