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On a warm November night west of Phoenix, Arizona, a thirty-two ton armored truck loaded with eight tons of gold bound for Fort Knox, Kentucky, and accompanied by four armored SUV’s filled with armed guards, climbs an isolated on-ramp onto the eastbound Interstate 10, and with the SUV’s in front and in back of it, vanishes without a trace.

The FBI floods the freeway with agents and walk every square inch of the roadway but all they find are old tires, junk and blowing paper. After eight hours of fruitless investigation, the FBI decides to bring in more manpower and asks the ATF and Homeland Security to provide men to assist in the investigation.

Troy Barclay and Amber Neilson drive to the crime scene where they quickly discover that a construction company doing work along the freeway may be involved in the armored truck’s disappearance but the lead FBI investigator thinks it is a waste of time and dismisses their theory. Troy and Amber keep digging and find the company ordered 160 yards of concrete more than they needed for the job. On a Troy hunch, Troy and Amber find the armored truck but the gold is gone.

While the FBI scours the armored truck for clues, Amber and Troy fly to Los Angeles because they believe the robbers are going to try to take the gold out of the United States on a ship. They mobilize a huge task force of lawmen to search the outbound ships out of Los Angeles Harbor but by accident, discover the robbers are bound for San Francisco. For Troy and Amber it is humbling to realize they are being outsmarted and outplayed by the mastermind who planned and carried out the gold robbery. Much as Troy hates to admit it, they are two steps behind the cagey heist crew.

Meanwhile, the New York crime family that financed the heist decides they want ALL of the gold and not the share they agreed to. While Troy and Amber play catchup, the mobsters find the heist crew and attack them. In a deadly shootout, several mobsters are killed and the robbers have to go into hiding.

With $250 million dollars at stake, and ruthless mobsters combing San Francisco for the heist team, Troy and Amber realize they have to step up their game or the gold will be lost and innocent people will die. In a series of firefights and ambushes, the heist team plays cat and mouse with the mobsters and sneaks away from San Francisco in an 1800’s sailing ship. In a cataclysmic finale’, Troy and Amber, the FBI, the mobsters and the heist crew battle it out to see who will win the gold.