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“Supermax prisons are built to keep prisoners in, not to keep a Delta Team out.”

On Christmas Eve, at the Crescent City Supermax Prison, heavily-armed mercenaries attack the prison in two Bradley Fighting Vehicles. After disabling the prison’s radio and telephone communications systems, the mercenaries use rockets and machine guns to shoot their way into the Supermax module where they release a cold-blooded killer named Hux Marsh.

Driving away, they are met by local National Guardsmen in an Abrams tank who destroy one of the Bradleys but Hux and seven mercenaries escape into the Siskiyou Wilderness and disappear into a mammoth blizzard that paralyzes the entire northwest.

In Phoenix, Arizona, the SAC of the Phoenix FBI Office meets with Troy Barclay and Amber Neilson because Troy was the military investigator who put Hux Marsh away. They want Troy to work his magic again. Troy and Amber decline to be involved but then duty calls and they agree to go to Crescent City and help catch Hux.

As the monster snow storm dumps deep snow over the area, Troy and Amber set off on snow shoes to catch Hux. In a chase fraught with danger, the couple plays cat and mouse with the ruthless mercenaries who leave a trail of dead and wounded victims behind them.

In a spectacular Category 5 finale’, Troy and Amber come face to face with Hux and the mercenaries who have intercepted a twenty-ton shipment of heroin they had hidden in a military convoy carrying scrap steel. Out-manned and out-gunned by the mercenaries, Troy and Amber improvise an IED that takes out the tank the mercenaries are using to escort the heroin to a secret destination.

With the manhunt closing around him, Hux takes to the wilderness with Troy on his trail. Hux is desperate to stop Troy and sets up a brilliant ambush to kill him. As Troy closes on Hux, the stone-cold killer leaps out of his hiding place and aims his machine gun at Troy’s back