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Early one morning, seven men in masks break into the Vatican’s legendary art vault and steal $1.5 billion in paintings. They also take stacks of secret documents that show the Vatican cooperated with the Nazi’s during World War II and helped the Nazi’s sell stolen Jewish artwork to keep Hitler from destroying the Catholic Church in Europe.
Even though the Vatican tries to keep the theft a secret, word leaks out, and the President and First Lady of the United States, who are devout Catholics, find out and are deeply concerned about the potential harm the documents could do to the Catholic Church. Although they can’t take official action, they ask Troy Barclay and Amber Neilson to join the Vatican Investigations team that is investigating the theft.
Troy and Amber are scouring the Vatican vault for clues when word come from London that the London Police had recovered three Raphael paintings but the officers transporting them were attacked, their car wrecked, and the paintings stolen.
Troy and Amber go to London where they work with London detectives to track down the thieves who stole the paintings from the police. As they are checking out the wrecked police car, Troy notices that they are being watched by a surveillance team. As he studies the surveillance, he realizes that EVERYONE around them is on the surveillance team. Troy had seen a ‘swarm’ surveillance before in Moscow where the GRU used it against CIA agents.
With the help of a genius IT guy named ‘Zippy’, they identify the company behind the surveillance and raid its London headquarters. While interrogating the CEO of the company, they learn the name of the client who hired the private security company. Gage Mammot. Through hard police work, Troy and Amber discover that Gage Mammot is a criminal they have crossed paths with beforeā€”in New York. Gage Mammot is the Invisible Man and as Troy and Amber close on him, and he is forced on the run, he vows to kill the ATF duo.
With hit men and killers around every turn, Troy and Amber must fight constantly to stay alive while trying to arrest the Invisible Man, but they closer they get, the more hit men and killers he sends after the duo.
Troy and Amber get a break when a retired French policeman learns that the Invisible Man will be selling the stolen paintings to unscrupulous buyers at a gala costumed auction on an island north of Palermo, Italy.
The ATF twosome decides to go to the auction and call in the Italian Federal Police SWAT team if the Invisible Man is at the auction.
Troy and Amber call in Devon and Oksana to help them by creating a diversion on the island. Once Troy and Amber spot the Invisible Man, dozens of his men attack them and the Federal Police SWAT team and in a cataclysmic firefight, force the Invisible Man to flee on his yacht while Troy runs to the highest point on the island with a fifty caliber sniper rifle.