Young Adult Books


Last Dance is the story of a high school senior who is forced to change cities and schools for his senior year. At his previous school, he had been very popular and one of the “in” crowd but at the new school, no one knows him and he is forced to eat and commune with the great unwashed–the unpopular kids. But he has a plan. He tells one teen girl that his father is “Fire” a world-famous rock star and he is catapulted into school stardom and welcomed to the “in” crowd like he can walk on water. For several weeks, everyone is his friend, until some jealous seniors break into the school office and steal his school records. In front of the entire lunchroom crowd they read his application that says his mother is in prison and his father is “unknown.” In a single instant he becomes the biggest social leper in the history of the school. No one wants to hang with him and no one will even talk to him: except for a couple of unpopular kids who treat him with respect even though he is a leper. Down but not out, the senior, using his exceptional quarterbacking skills, leads the PE outcasts in a victory over the high school varsity team. With getting back with the “in” crowd within his grasp, he turns aside and stays with the outcasts and unpopular kids who were his friends when he was down. He learns that being popular isn’t worth much and true love and friendship more valuable than gold. AVAILABLE through the BUY A BOOK link on the HOME PAGE.


“S” as in Sherlock Holmes, my dear Watson. When three teens find a way to bring Sherlock Holmes from the past into the current time, it’s just sort of a fun thing to do, but when the library is robbed of a strange, backwards-written book, and the head librarian nearly killed, Sherlock becomes very useful to them as they try to track down the suspect who stole the book. It helps that one of the teens has an FBI agent for a father because they can ask him about the case without making anyone suspicious. With Sherlock’s help, they find themselves on the trail of a ruthless master criminal who seems very familiar to Holmes. In the meantime the teens deal with the usual problems associated with high school and being teens. Although life and choices tear them apart, Sherlock and their friendship keeps them together. After Sherlock makes a stunning discovery in a secret underground cave, he finds himself face to face with his long-time nemesis Professor Moriarty. Captured by Moriarty and his thugs, the teens and Sherlock face certain death but an unforeseen interruption saves the day but Moriarty escapes to haunt them again. AVAILABLE through the BUY A BOOK link on the ASRO HOME PAGE.