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After receiving a telegram from the natives of a tiny town in the mountains of Northern India, which states they are besieged by man-eating tigers that have killed many people, a British hunter travels to the village to free the natives from the man-eating devils (shaitans) But nothing is as easy as it sounds, and the hunter finds himself in the middle of an uprising led by an Indian medicine man who has convinced many of the locals that they are invincible to British bullets if they wear a tiger skin. At the remote village the hunter meets a beautiful British nurse who wants to help the people but who can’t overcome the native prejudice against women. She is ready to quit and leave but the hunter secretly tells the village elders that if they don’t send their sick people to the nurse, he will leave and not pursue the man-eaters. Faced with certain death the elders give in and soon the nurse is overwhelmed with cases. But no matter how hard she tries, she can’t stop the villagers from killing their first-born child if it is a woman. Meanwhile, a British soldier who is jealous of the hunter, frames the hunter so it appears he killed a British soldier and is working with the rebels. In a climactic finale’, the elders vote to exile the nurse for saving first-born daughters while a military court finds the hunter guilty of murder. Luckily, a soldier who saw the other soldier plant the evidence against the hunter comes forward and the hunter is released. He goes after the final man-eater that seems to be a ghost and kills the beast only to be savaged by a second tiger–its twin. A rifle blast saves him but who is behind the rifle? AVAILABLE at the link on the HOME PAGE.