Book Descriptions

Flag Ship Down

Troy and Amber’s “vacation” turns into the vacation from hell when on their first night at sea, their cruise ship rams a mysterious freighter that is running without lights and loaded with $300 million in cash and $ 1 billion in cocaine. Earlier in the day, a new cartel under the leadership of Dimas Valdez, stole the drugs from two large cartels and slaughtered their leaders and men in Columbia’s largest firefight in the history of the country. With both halves of the freighter hanging off the sides of the cruise ship, and the men on board in immediate danger of drowning, a misinformed captain decides to bring the endangered men on board. It is a fateful decision because as soon as the armed men are on board the cruise ship, they split up into groups and hijack the cruise ship.
After taking over the bridge, and control of the ship, Valdez has his men herd the 6,000 sleepy and injured passengers, and 3,000 sleepy and injured crewmen into the three largest venues aboard the ship where they are held captive by trigger-happy, armed guards. Troy and Amber, caught up in the rescue operation and treatment of injured passengers and crew, first become aware of the hijackers when five men burst into the main dining room that Amber, Troy and several passengers have turned into a triage unit. Amber wisely calls Troy “Doctor Barclay” (he is a trained paramedic and Amber is an RN) and it becomes his nom de guerre for the rest of the voyage.
While treating the injured, Troy develops a plan to beat the hijackers and sets it in motion: His plan is to pick off the hijackers one at a time using a hidden dumb waiter to get out of the kitchen where he is being held. It is a dangerous mission but after saving four crewmen from execution, he adds them to his plan. But everything changes when Troy discovers Valdez has a plan, too, a plan to transfer the money and cocaine to another ship that is on its way and blow up the cruise ship to cover his flight. To add to their workload, Troy and Amber discover there is a serial killer who is raping women passengers and then killing them.
Dispatched to board the cruise ship and save the passengers and crew, a Navy SEAL platoon rafts to the side of the cruise ship but a dirty agent in the DEA SWAT team warns Valdez of the raid and he sets an ambush for the platoon. Only Troy’s last second warning saves the team but it also exposes Troy’s scheme and Valdez takes Amber hostage and gives Troy an ultimatum: turn himself in or he will kill Amber. In suspense, tension-filled confrontation, Troy and Amber’s commitment to each other and the passengers is tested to the limit. Someone must die but Amber’s absolute faith in Troy gives them an edge that might save the day.

When the First Lady is killed in an assassination attempt aimed at the President, the investigators assume he was the target and an errant bullet took out the First Lady, but ATF agent Troy Barclay assumes otherwise. With his new “partner”, FBI agent Amber Neilson at his side, the two investigators dig deep into the treacherous underbelly of the political beast and find a faint trail that suggests just maybe the First Lady may have been the target. But digging deep can have severe consequences and Troy and Amber find themselves targeted by a shadowy group of killers who want to make sure the two investigators don’t learn the truth. Meanwhile, the secretive and elusive sniper who killed the First Lady has his problems, too. The man who hired him stiffs him for his fee and sends hired thugs to kill him. As Troy and Amber close on the suspect, the man who arranged the assassination attempt, they get more and more resistance from the FBI. In a final shootout, Troy and Amber face a ruthless man and their fate hangs in the balance until the forgotten sniper suddenly appears to collect his money.

PRESIDENT DOWN (Available last week of July)
Troy Barclay and Amber Neilson return to the streets in the riveting and much anticipated sequel to First Lady Down where they match wits with a secretive and deadly assassin who must kill the President or be killed himself. President Down follows their death-defying, relentless pursuit of the assassin as he follows the President from Coast to Coast, city to city and appearance to appearance with the single-minded goal of killing him. But as Troy and Amber focus on the assassin, the President blindsides them with the news that a totally different person is killing many of the women who have had relationships with him. With their time and resources running thin, Amber and Troy try to keep two investigations going but even with the help of a half-dozen seasoned investigators, they find the two killers are way ahead of them on the curve and only Troy and Amber’s dedication and experience will give them the edge they need to catch both killers. Like a runaway train, the story builds to a gigantic, shocking finale that will leave readers stunned.

Dead South
Adult Thriller. When a Black woman FBI agent is sent to the deep South to investigate the shooting of a Klu Klux Klansman she knows she will face hostility and prejudice but she has no idea what lies ahead of her. With the local sheriff and deputies in the pocket of a murderous crime boss, she must investigate the shooting in spite of them. An independent and extremely forceful woman, she has mad pistol skills that quickly turn the tables on her opponents and make her a force to be reckoned with. After a Klansman is murdered she realizes she is up against far more than a simple shooting. When she is kidnapped and nearly killed by the Klan, she has had enough. With the aid of the local doctor and a soulful prostitute she goes after the crime boss and his gang. But will her guts, determination and skill with a pistol be enough to overcome her opponents.

Savage Legacy
Adult Thriller. When an Arizona Highway Patrolman stops a car, he finds a woman drenched in blood behind the steering wheel with a severed head on the seat beside her. Backtracking to the tiny town of Mesquite, Arizona, the Patrolman discovers that the entire population of thirty-seven people has been brutally and savagely murdered. Fifty miles north, an Army unit, patrolling the immense Huger Bombing Range, attempts to stop a group of trespassers from crossing the government property but when they confront the trespassers, all eight of the soldiers are killed. As investigators arrive in Mesquite, they discover that none of the thirty-seven victims were killed with a firearm. One investigator finds the tracks of the killers, heading north into the rugged mountains of southern Arizona, but just as the lawmen are ready to go after the killers, they pick up radio traffic from the Army that has sent a heavily armed platoon to engage and annihilate the killers. But even with air support, the platoon walks into an ambush that, in only a few minutes, wipes out half of the soldiers.

As soon as Army rescue units extract the survivors, the General in command orders the Air Force to send a “Snoopy” aircraft to deal with the killers. Snoopy, a cargo plane armed with mini-guns that can put a bullet in every square inch of a target the size of a football field, flies to the area where the killers were last seen and under the guidance of a spotter plane, starts a pass over the killers that will leave them nothing but hamburger. But just as Snoopy is ready to fire, a helicopter swoops between the lumbering cargo plane and the ground, stopping it from wiping out the killers. Piloting the helicopter is a former soldier named Eric Kidder who will do anything to save the killers—even if it means sacrificing his own life. Has Kidder gone crazy or is there a method to his madness? Will the killers pay the ultimate price for their SAVAGE LEGACY or find redemption?

Adult Action Adventure Romance.  A British hunter, reporter and nurse meet in India where maneating tigers are on the prowl.  With the village people in constant fear for their lives, the hunter must use every bit of his skill to kill the beasts but with a rebels planning a revolt against their British overlords, his hunting skills aren’t enough.  While he’s hunting, the nurse tries to stop the villagers from killing their first born female babies but her efforts lead to a huge conflict between her and the village elders. The hunter finds himself always fighting with the nurse but maybe behind the rancor is something else.  To keep her from being thrown out by the elders, the hunter tells them if they want him to stay, they will have to leave her alone.  After being framed by a jealous British officer, the hunter finds himself on trial for treason and if found guilty, he will hang.

Last Dance. 
Young Adult coming of age.  In order to gain acceptance at a new high school, in a new town, Erif tells the popular students his dad is a rock star which gains him instant popularity.  But when some jealous students steal his records from the school office, they tell everyone his mother is in prison and his dad isn’t listed on his birth certificate.  Now a social pariah at school, Erif must find a way to redeem himself and earn his way back into popularity.  But as he works to achieve his goal, he finds out popularity isn’t necessarily that great and that the people who really love him are what’s important.

Mr. S
Sherlock Holmes Young Adult novel. (Approved by the Conan Doyle Estate, Ltd) When several teens discover a way to bring Sherlock Holmes forward in time to present day America, it is a cool thing but Sherlock doesn’t want to be bothered unless it is a life or death situation. After the city library is broken into, and nothing taken, the baffling crime stumps the police and FBI. With Sherlock disguised as a substitute teacher, they investigate the baffling crime. It doesn’t take long for Sherlock to expose the real reason for the break-in; the theft of the rarest and most valuable book in the world. Working together, Sherlock and the teens track down the thieves but to their surprise, they find that the master mind behind the theft is none other than Professor Moriarty who has found a way to travel through time with his gang of cutthroats. In a final confrontation, Professor Moriarty gains the upper hand and plans to send Sherlock to the past forever but his plans are ruined when a puppy named Baskers saves Sherlock from his fate.