Donation to the Semper Fi Fund, Oceanside, California

We were pleased to send the Semper Fi Fund a check for $584.99 which represents 50% of gross book sales for the last quarter, May – July, 2012. Book sales were great in May but dropped off 90% on June 1, 2012 and have continued very slowly since so future checks will be smaller. Why everything stopped on June 1, we don’t have a clue but Amazon-Kindle is rumored to have changed the sales computation for their sellers and as you can see, it cost us most of our sales. It is sad because only wounded soldiers suffer. The Semper Fi Fund helps wounded Marines and their families get through the hard times after a marine is wounded. They are honorable people and deserve our support. They don’t waste money and make the most out of every penny. God bless them and our troops. Daniel and Lois Adams, 8/3/12