Why Support Our Troops?

It is a good question with a fabulous answer.
Because they are the price of our freedom. If they weren’t out there in the dark, with weapons at ready, we would have to be. The whole World is a safer and better place because of our soldiers. But the current administration, while openly glad-handing and praising the military, has cut benefits and betrayed them every step of the way. An article recently indicated that over 1,000,000 former and current soldiers need public assistance of some type. This is abhorrently wrong. When we have troops putting their lives on the line for us 24/7, we owe them the best of things, not the worst of things. No current or former soldier, or their families should ever have to worry about health care, having enough money to survive, or having to take second and third jobs to make ends meet. They are currently being treated disgracefully and even their voting rights have been put in jeopardy. So, it is with glad heart that I made out checks to the Semper Fi Wounded Marine Fund for a total of $2,189 for the 4th Quarter of 2013.
It is easy to give lip service to caring for our soldiers but it is now time to step up and take responsibility for their financial future. I would personally like to thank Bob Parsons for doubling the donations to the Semper Fi Fund last year. Bob is a true patriot who puts his money where his mouth is. So, please join with me in taking care of our military and soldiers. Vote with the men who support the military and you can’t go wrong.